04 Apr 2014

MR. Perfect or Mr. Right?

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Is Mr. Right  a Mr. Perfect?

Sometimes we confuse between the two.

Mr. Right is the Right guy for you, not the perfect guy!


3 Simple steps to find out who is your Mr. Right:


Step 1

Make a list of your Mr. wrong all the things you DON’T  want in a relationship for example:

You dated a men  who were debtor or drug addicts, and that did not work for you.

Your list can look like this:

A.I don’t want a debtor

B.I don’t want a person who is a drug addict

Etc, etc



Step 2

Convert the list of Mr. Wrong to Mr. Right by asking yourself the question: So who do I want?

Looking at the example above you will say;

  1. My Mr.Right  spends his money wisely
  2. My Mr.Right is sober
  3. Etc etc


Step 3


Once you have a list I invite you condense and shorten it, such that it’s realistic


For example your list says he has to be 6 foot

Ask yourself the question:  how important is it for him to be 6 foot?

If this is A MUST then keep it on the list, if not take it out

Because what if he is 5’9” and he has all the other attributes you are looking for ?


A sensible list of who Mr. Right is will only have the essential attributes.

For example, when I was dating 19 years ago my Mr. Right had to love children: had to  And why? I was a father to a 7 year old and I couldn’t bring any one to my life who didn’t love kids!


You now have a blue print of who your Mr. Right is and what to look for when you go out on dates.


This list can be modifies and changed at all times.