Speaking of vibration:
“Any time you experience joy, happiness, peace or pleasure in your day-to-day life, don’t just note it and move on. Take an extra 30 seconds or so to savor the good feeling. Let it linger, casting its ripples inside you. Get to know its flavor. When the ripples of pleasure pass, just move on with your day. You can do this with the many tiny pleasures of your day; your morning coffee, a positive interaction, an interesting or beautiful sight. In the warmth that you feel after these tiny moments, you’ll feel enriched deepened and somehow enhanced.”
Ken Page
Ken Page was one of my teachers who helped me to be myself.

MR. Perfect or Mr. Right?

Is Mr. Right  a Mr. Perfect? Sometimes we confuse between the two. Mr. Right is the Right guy for you, not the perfect guy!   3 Simple steps to find out who is your Mr. Right:   Step 1 Make a list of your Mr. wrong all the things you DON’T  want in a relationship.. read more →