* I recently worked with Sariel to learn how to  revive my relationship with my boyfriend.It seemed like there was no future for us,but with the training I had received from Sariel, my boyfriend and I  got back together and we recently moved in together. I am very grateful to Sariel for his insights and passion.

Ellen Kay  NYC

* I reached rock bottom I would never find The right person.My clock was ticking and felt like I was going to be alone for the rest of my life.Then my friend Ellen told me about Sariel Beckenstein and his training. I took his workshop and I can gladly say that 6 months ago I met Mr. RIght and we are extremely happy together. He is the right one ! Thanks You Sariel



* Working with Sariel Beckenstein continues to deepen my relationship with attracting what matters most to me in my life. Recently I did a couple session with my sweetheart Charlie and I’m delighted by the results. We are not only breaking through previous self-imposed limits, but we’re having greater ease in attracting abundance and a spirit of playfulness and connection in the relationship. Thank you Sariel.

Lois Barth, Trans-fun-mational speaker and coach NYC


* I had the exceptional opportunity to participate in Sariel’s “Attracting Mr. Right” a couple of months ago. I wasn’t interested in another dating workshop but I was intrigued by comments made by friends that had done the work with Sariel.
My friends all commented in variations of what they learned about themselves in the workshop and how it opened up areas in their life that they felt stagnant within. These are all friends that I know are engaged in personal growth and development and they all got something out of a dating workshop??
So I checked it out. Two days, follow-up coaching for a couple of months, and very reasonably priced.

Well, I have to say, it was not what I expected…in a pleasant way.

We got alot of tools for altering our approach to attraction to our desired Mr. Right over the two days. I left feeling like I had identified some of my “stops” to dating and some of the patterns I had developed that just weren’t working.

Then Sariel did some follow-up coaching with me that kept me using the tools that we learned in the workshop.

What I have noticed is that my life seems to have an ease about it that hadn’t existed. My business and my personal life are thriving. I am getting alot done but it feels easy.  And I am meeting eligible Mr. Right’s in my daily interactions.

I recommend that you take two days and explore how to Attract Mr. Right for you.



* I recently completed a month of tapping with Sariel Beckenstein.  I thought it was going to be great challenge for me to take on a practice five days per week and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I awoke excitedly anticipating our next session.  For 30 minutes a day, I experienced technology that allowed some of the nagging issues of my life to shift, to disappear or to loose their charge.  Sariel has a way of listening that allows him to be very intuitive in guiding the sessions.  His gentle guiding nature creates an atmosphere where I felt open and safe bringing some of my personal issues up and moving them through the tapping process.  I really found something while tapping once in awhile but being committed for a month, with guidance, really showed me what is possible in disappearing limits and raising my vibe.



For the readers Tapping comes from EFT ( emotional freedom Technology) , a method I use in my coaching to attract Mr. Right
* Dating has seemed like a dangerous mine-field to me and kept me from participating, even on the most basic levels. Sariel helped me re-engage by giving me tools to change my limiting stories about dating, and get clarity about what I want in a partner and a relationship. I am now dating easily and regularly. Oh yeah, and I got the job I wanted using his techniques. My quality of life has never been better.