Upcoming Playshops (Workshops)

January the 18th , 2020
From 10AM -6PM MST
Followed by 8 weekly sessions  dates to be advised

All sessions are given on Zoom

Contact us to register

What can you expect:

  • STEP ONE You unfold your personal history around datingWhat was your dating experience like?
    What sort of people were you attracting to your life?
    Can you see any patterns?
    What didn’t work for you?
      • Now that you know who you don’t want, we easily move to who do you want?
      • Who is the Mr. or Ms. Right for you ?

    You will learn to create a blue print of the Love of Your dreams.

  • STEP THREE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION , How does it work ?
    You will learn step by step how to become a deliberate attractor

      • We will delve into the world of affirmations.
      What affirmations work and which ones don’ t work?
    Having done steps 1,2,and 3 there is still “small little voice” in our head which is actually very loud that says:

    “NO , YOU CAN NOT HAVE WHAT YOU WANT”. That voice even gives you reason why not.
    We will listen to this voice and Identify all these conversations.

    In this step you will learn how to Bust all the YES….BUTS, you have, such that these conversations will no longer stand between you and having the love of your dreams.

    Tuition: $399.00

    REGISTRATION: $145.00 Will get you into the PLAYSHOP
    Please, fill in the CONTACT US PAGE and on the “Your Message ” section write April 27th 2019 PlayShop.
    Some one will call you to have you registered.


    • $145.00 is non refundable however you can transfer your tuition to a friend or can join us in a future playshop. .